Thursday, July 9, 2015

2015-16: 7th Grade Plans

Whoa, seventh grade already? It seems like I was making the leap into homeschooling not that long ago. I would say that I'm feeling completely prepared and calm to start our fifth year, but why lie?


Art of Problem Solving: Introduction to Algebra. While I felt she was ready for the subject last year, I knew that the way the material is presented would take a while to adjust to. She's great at math, quick to learn the concepts, but she'll still protest that she's bad at it. I was glad that I got talked into using Pre-Algebra; as predicted the format had a sharp learning curve. We developed a love-hate relationship with it, I may have even used Rusczyk's name as a swear once or twice. Overall though, it was love. The challenge problems delivered a mind stretch while still being fun.


Following the Well-Trained Mind schedule, we should be doing chemistry, but we did it last year, so this year we will be doing Earth Science &Astronomy. I can't rave enough about the way Elemental Science Classical Series books are laid out. The experiments are usually simple yet illustrative of the concept and use materials that are easy to find and likely to be found at home already. The use of an encyclopedia spine with discussion is well suited for the classical education model.


My favorite free resource, Classical House of Learning, unfortunately doesn't have a guide for Early Modern for the Logic Stage. I'm not entirely happy with History Odyssey, so I've hodge-podged together their Level Two Early Modern, recommendations from the WTM schedule, and my own requirements. You can find our combined history and literature list on Goodreads. Yes, yes I am justifying Raising Steam as discussion fodder for industrial revolution. Did you think I homeschooled without inflicting my literary preferences on my child? HA!



Vocabulary from Classical Roots. We use this differently than intended, going through a book a semester. D will be in the Autumn and E in the spring.

Poetry and Memorization

Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. We read it last year but didn't memorize.
Modern Elfland by G.K. Chesterton
The Goblin Market by Christina Rosetti
The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe
Invictus by William Ernest Henley
and one of her own choosing.

To be read and not recited:
For Which it Stands by Gregory Pardlo
I Grant You Ample Leave by George Eliot
Humanity I Love You by e.e. cummings

Grammar and Writing

Shrunk & White's Elements of Style
Phunny Stuph 
She'll also be taking a unique writing course that covers many writing formats as well as utilizing technology for enhancement and presentations. I love that we have the opportunity for these quality enrichment classes.


Combined with History; reading list. Socratic discussions, plot structure diagrams, and Goodreads reviews.


Critical Thinking Book 1


Our library partnered with Rosetta Stone to allow patrons to access the first level of their language program. We'll be utilizing that as well as Duolingo. We're hoping she can also practice by emailing a family member that knows the language.

A couple other fun sites:
Slow German podcasts
Television shows
German WotD 


Here is the first week to give you an idea of how we do this.  It's atypical in that grammar is only listed once. Also not seen are the plethora of activities that start in week 2.

I feel fortunate to be able to continue on this adventure and downright gleeful that she continues to choose homeschooling. The only thing I love more than a new school year is the accompanying justification for hitting up the school supply sales.

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