Friday, July 27, 2012


For fun Friday she made a sunbonnet using a tutorial we found here. Great step by step guide. I guess kiddo has a big head though, if we make them again we'll be adjusting the pattern to make it a little bigger.

Sutter's Fort

We took a trip to Sutter's Fort today as part of our Gold Rush thematic. As usual I enjoyed it far more than she did. I think the candle maker's shop is neat. Look at the size of the bellows!



At the well

At the gate

Loom and spinning wheel

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anatomy Basics

Long story short, I got lazy. Halfway through planning my Mexico unit life happened and the unit got put on a shelf. I love it when life happens, doubly so when its fun family things! Perhaps next summer.

Instead you get pictures of our fun filled week learning anatomy sparked by Pintrest

I drew half of the skeleton and she mirrored it then labeled her half.

I amazed her with an explanation of why bones round by standing the heaviest book in the house on a rolled up piece of paper.
 We further discussed bones, marrow, cartilage, and meat using a chicken leg.

I drew all of the organs and she colored and she placed them. One system at a time starting with the digestive.

She said that the small and large intestine looked a brown sugar toaster pastry. She looked horrified when I said it would probably be very chewy and thought this because I've had tripe.

I explained how our hippocampus is the learning center and how our amygdala hijacks our brain for fight or flight mode when we are scared. That's why its a terrible idea to yell or threaten someone when you're trying to get them to understand something.

While it was completely off the cuff this week, there was still a lot of learning and fun happening, which in my opinion are the most important things of homeschooling.

Tomorrow we'll have some fun watching the Magic School Bus "For Lunch" we've seen it a dozen times, but its always fun to watch.

Next week we're having a well timed discussion about puberty (gulp), but nothing that will be posted here.

Resources: An older college Anatomy and Physiology text book, my notes from pysch 1010 (explanation of Princess Neuron and Glia the Nurse), google image search, and youtube for things like how the heart works and neurotransmitter animations. I'm super helpful, right?