Friday, June 22, 2012

Space Unit Study in Action

 Overall the space unit went very well. The free software program from NASA entertained kiddo for hours and she still asks to use it.

Some of the websites for the Zathura activity were no longer working, but if you search for the subject on the NASA website, it was easy to fin the necessary information.

Here are the Galex Galaxies that we both made. Note: Don't hang the used-too-much-glitter-glue ones on the wall until entirely, completely, undoubtedly, dry. Or you get drippy galaxies.
Ah, cereal and schoolwork, best part of homeschool, eh? I am proud of her tackling the algebra that was really above her level. It took a bit longer but once she understood the formula she knocked them out easily.

                                                       Space Party really took off!
Moon pizzas, garlic stars, potato asteroids, sunny bars, astro ice cream and milky ways. Tang to drink.

 The Black Hole Adventure game was pretty fun, I pasted it to a board so we can use it many more times over the years.

Star gazing using a star chart and my phone with a star gazing app.  She was scared to get on the roof but as you can see, she was fine.

Astronaut ice cream. It tasted a lot better than we expected it. Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chip are pictured.