Wednesday, October 3, 2012

6 & 7 & 8!

We've just gotten back from a long but extremely FUN weekend with our girl scout troop. They learned to dance; crafted their little hearts out; hiked, and had a pajama fashion show. I'm very thankful for these positive social experiences!

EPGY: As a curriculum, unimpressed. It is not the all encompassing curriculum I was told it was. It is, however, a great supplement and practice device. My only wish is that I could control which parts to let her do. We'll still be using it in a supplementary way.

Books: Go read a banned book! We talked about banned books and why/how they get challenged and she was pretty shocked she's read so many banned books and the reasons seemed really silly to her or she couldn't see where the issue was. Example: Hunger Games was challenged for being anti-ethnic and the ethnicity of the Districts v. Capitol never occurred to her. In honor of banned books, we're reading The Giver this week. I've been careful to not force dystopian literature on her but I can't help but do a little dance whenever she picks one of my favorites.

There's not enough weeks in October to do all the Autumn/Halloween stuff we love so much. I am looking forward to making next few weeks lessons themed. Her math answer this week was 13 crows and she learned that you'd call it a murder of crows.

We checked out the Usborne Encyclopedia of World Religions from the library and have really had a lot of fun with the links. Definitely a book I'll need to keep an eye out for to purchase. She asked if one of our summer "destinations" could be Norse Mythology. Score!