Friday, December 21, 2012

Math Gingerbread House

We did these last year, but Kiddo got to participate more in the prepping this year.

You will need:
1-  9”x12” paper of their choice, this is the ground.
1- 9”x12” brown piece of construction paper
1-      3” x9”  of both red and green
Half a sheet of white construction paper.
With the short end toward you, fold the brown paper  horizontally into thirds and cut along the folds.  Fold each piece in 1/2. Open and fold the short ends in 1/2 an inch.

Fold the red paper into fourths and cut. Glue 1/4 of the red paper to the middle of a folded brown piece. Cut the remaining 3/4 of the red paper in halves. Glue 1 to the opposite side of your door, and another to a blank brown section.

Using a protractor, create 8- 1 inch diameter circles. Cut them out and fold each circle in half.
Apply glue to 1/2 of the circle and adhere to the edge of the last blank brown paper, to create snow on the roof line.

 Fold the green paper into fourths and cut. Cut 1/2 of the pieces in half. Cut the other 1/2 diagonally in half.
Take 1/2 of the triangles and glue together at the right angles. Glue another triangle to the top of the new triangle.
Cut the remaining triangle in half. Glue on top of the other triangles, on top of each other. Fold the bottom triangle in 1/2 an inch and glue to your ground.

Decorate your house, using the extra red and green pieces to create a walkway.
Have a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year.