Monday, December 12, 2011

Fraction Gingerbread House

Fun for most ages! In an effort to keep learning fun I created a tutorial for making a gingerbread house using fractional instructions. It gets a little confusing doing the tree, but I made this for my 3rd grader and she did fine with little help.

1-  9”x12” paper of their choice, this is the ground.
1- 9”x12” brown piece of construction paper
1-      3” x9”  of both red and green
12- 1” white circles

Cut the brown paper into 1/3. Fold each 1/3 in ½. Open each ½ and fold ¼ inch of the ends. 

Cut the red paper into 1/4. Glue ¼ to the middle of a folded brown piece. Cut the remaining ¾ in 1/2. Glue ½ to the other side of your door.  Glue another to a blank ½ of brown. 

Fold each white circle in ½. Glue them side by side on the length of the remaining blank piece of brown paper.  Tape the circles together at the apex to give your roof more stability. 

Cut the green paper into 1/4. Cut ½ of the pieces in ½. Cut the other ½ diagonally in ½. Take ½ of the triangle and glue together at the right angle. Glue another triangle to the top. Cut the remaining triangle in ½ and glue one on top of the other to the triangles.  Fold the bottom under ¼ of an inch. 

Take your window and door pieces and glue the folded ends together.  Place your roof on top. Use the remaining red and green pieces to create a pathway to your house. Decorate your tree before gluing it to your ground. Have fun decorating your ground!