Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Freezer Paper Shirts

A different kind of educational post. I've had a lot of folks ask me how I make my shirts. I shout, "Freezer paper!" This answer wasn't sufficient for my latest shirt because it was more than freezer paper. Glue, freezer paper, and fabric spray paint was more the answer.  So here's a short, nutty tutorial. Are you ready to have your mind blown with how easy this is?

Step one: Decide what/how/where. There are hundreds of combinations of options.
 From Top, clockwise: 1) Fabric spray paint. Please note the bottles they come in are terrible, maybe I got a bad batch but I would plan on using different bottles or brand. 2) Airbrush fabric paint. 3) Elmer's Glue. 4) Pencil. 5) X-acto craft knife. 6) Paintbrushes. 7) Shirt. 8) Freezer Paper - plastic coated.

Not pictured: Bleach, fabric markers.

Bleach, airbrush paint, freezer paper:
 Freezer paper, airbrush paint:

Glue, spray fabric paint,freezer paper, fabric markers:

Step Two: Make your stencil. Either trace or draw your image on the freezer paper. If you don't feel up to that task, tape your freezer paper (coating down) onto a sheet of paper and run it through your printer. While you're here...Tequilla Sunrise font.
 Step Three: Not pictured. Painstakingly make your eyes bleed! Kidding. With an X-acto carefully remove whichever bit you want painted.

Step Four: Iron the paper onto your shirt. The coating creates a temporary adhesive.

Step Five: Paint inside the stencil whatever color(s) you want. Or bleach it.

*Pictured* If you plan on making a tie dye type of shirt, paint the stencils with white glue. 2 coats, let completely dry. Remove freezer paper. Spray, set, fabric marker outline.

Spray "tie-dye":

There are hundred of tie-dye variations. This one is the swirl.  Pick a spot on the shirt. Lift it up and twist the fabric in one direction, very loosely. Spray with color. Straighten out. Pick up the same spot and twist in the same direction, trying to get the color you just sprayed in the folds, not on top. Spray, straighten, repeat as wanted.

Ta-da! Easy peasy tutorial.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013