Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Different Advent

 I fondly recall the crappy chocolate advent calendar I longed for as a child. My mom only purchased them a couple of times, but I was eager to punch out those doors and get the sweet, oily candy that would melt as soon as my fingers touched it. I've gotten Kiddo one once, aside from the fact they are cheap crap, she doesn't handle chocolate well. I certainly don't want 24 days of her wandering in after bed time complaining of stomach pain. Last year we did a Lego advent, it was a blast and she still plays with it. However, it is out of our price range this year. Paper advent away!

I saw these jokes a few days ago and thought it would be perfect for a paper chain advent. Practically free (my favorite) and quite festive! I snipped the jokes in half, putting the question on the outside and the answer inside. Maybe next year I will make a felt and Velcro one.

Yes. I do save Christmas cards. I love each one of them dearly. I plan on doing the Gingerbread Fraction House again this year as well as some other fun things. Stay tuned! 


  1. This is such a great way to use them! Glad you liked our silly jokes - happy Christmas!

  2. I love it!! We're doing a paper advent too. Someday I want to make a felt one like I grew up with, but I need to start making it before Thanksgiving....